Mobile Exhaust Pollution Control System

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Exhaust gas from any IC Engine of automobiles is cooled and then using a battery operated mini compressor is passed through a series of chemical solvents housed in FRP Chambers. Suitable solvents in different chambers remove different pollutants such as oxides of carbon including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and oxides of sulphur. Sooth and dust is also removed in the first chamber which has water. Water is to be changed every day. Other solvents can be diluted once in 3 months. They can be changed once a year which costs around US $100.00 for one time changing. Unburnt hydrocarbons which are carcinogenic are also removed by using petroleum jelly in an extra chamber if required. The treated pure exhaust gas is released to the atmosphere safely. This system works in a running vehicle. That is the exhaust gas can be treated while the vehicle is in motion.

This system can be fixed under the chassis of heavy vehicles like trucks an buses. Concentric cylinder type is used for Small vehicles like cars.

The cost of such system including the chemicals is around US $2000.00 per system.

Full details can be given if interest is shown.

Industrial emissions can be treated by using the same method.


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