Live Information Bus Stop

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The Live Information Bus Stop (LIBS) keeps people up-to-date on the location of their bus. By using location tracking (GPS), any bus system could signal all equipped bus stops with the current position of buses that frequent any given stop. Since they use little energy, an E-Ink display would allow each LIBS to run off an attached photovoltaic panel. Bus information would be transmitted wirelessly, paired with the PV panel energy source, this allows for ease of installation. The housing should be designed to be aesthetically pleasing, yet also robust to withstand the rigors of weather and citizens. It’s not as cheap as a static map, but this information should be available to all, not just those with home internet and smart phones. The pay off might come more from increased rider ship.


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    Michael Tinstman
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    John Fiegener, Tom Gernetzke, Michael Tinstman, Billy Vespa, and Meredith Winters
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    Wacom Cintiq
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    Corel Painter
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