Mk1 Terra Tech Airship

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The Mk1 Airship, is a whole new way to travel. Imagine transporting hundreds of tons of supplies around the world, with no fuel costs. The airship would allow people, cargo, medical supplies, vehicles, or just about anything else to get from one place to another without the ever fluctuating cost of fuel.

The airship is powered primarily by a series of solar arrays which charge a battery bank that then powers the airship's engine systems. However most of the lift is provided by hydrogen. Now many people know of how flammable hydrogen is, and the Hindenburg is a famous example of how such a craft can go wrong. But the Mk1 Airship uses a specially designed containment cell system to safely and efficiently contain the hydrogen to generate most of the lift with greatly reduced risk, allowing it to be safer even then modern jet powered aircraft. Any additional lift is generated by the lift engines, with four located on each side. Forward movement is generated by two to four engines near the rear of the airship, and turning is generated by two turning engines in the tail fins as well as by rudders. Due to the lift engines, the airship features VTOL capabilities as well.

The airship is composed of two sections, the "Lift Section" and the "Personnel Section". The lift section does all of the work, containing the hydrogen cells, solar arrays, engines, and a primary control system. The personal section would be modular depending on th exact mission of the flight with variations and customizations for transporting people, cargo, medical stations, military needs, research facilities, or anything else that may be needed.

Once fully developed the airship can address a great number of issues present in the world today. The sections of the airships can be easily produced in factories which would generate jobs in both the operation, as well as the manufacture of each unit. Once constructed the lack of a fuel source greatly reduces the operational costs of each airship providing a great incentive for various airlines, cargo companies and other groups to want to own and operate their own units. And the safety, and low cost of flying would be of great interest to the general public, especially with the ever rising costs of jet air travel and many of the issues people have been having as a result.

So in conclusion, the Mk1 Terra Tech Airship would be of great benefit to people, industrially, publicly and militarily. Providing safe, easy and cost effective transportation of anything that may be needed, and allowing for extended flight times as may be needed for both military and research needs. The airship would also not need to wait in holding patterns on the ground or in the air due to its vertical takeoff and landing ability.


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