MasterBrew Coffee maker controller

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MasterBrew coffeemaker controller offers advanced brewing features not available today. The controller uses a single micro-controller that directly drives a 1/3 bias, 4-backplane, 8-segment, LCD display. It has multiplexed push-button operation, three LED indicators, an audio annunciator, and relay control output. It offers the following features: selectable brew strengths; clean cycle detection; automatic self-cleaning cycle with auto-shut-off; selectable keep-warm auto shut-off times; selectable coffee keep-warm temperature from room temp to thermostat temp; works with existing thermostatic switch control; stores all user settings in non-volatile memory; 12 or 24 hour time format; very low manufacturing cost; can be added to any exiting coffeemaker. User interface shows all settings on LCD display. Two versions can be made for external (plug existing coffeemaker into unit that is plugged into wall), or internal (in product) use. Estimated manufactured cost is below five dollars.


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