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“BellaBreeze” ™ is a revolutionary, patented outdoor café setting featuring a fully integrated “Green” evaporative cooling delivery system that consists of an integrated evaporative cooling fan that is built into the table setting. Virtually no innovation has occurred to the outdoor dining environment until now!

BellaBreeze's fan circulates cooled air above and below your table providing controllable cooling comfort at each chair. This patented system delivers evaporative cooled air that lowers the air ambient temperature by as much as 5-20 degrees depending on humidity levels and it costs only about 25 cents a day to operate. The integrated, quiet fan, delivers 700cfm of air volume equating to 15mile/hr breeze at each of the eight fully controllable louvered vents. The ...

A major problem for many people is getting good sleep. Poor sleep can occur in a home, a hotel or a hospital. Sleep is affected by light, sound, temperature, odor, bed support and sense of security. Another sleep related problem is that electrical control in bedrooms, such as light switches and alarms, are difficult to control in the dark. The Nest is a concept of sleeping apparatus for the 21st century that solves these problems and improves the quality of sleep.

A base supports a mattress of supporting media. The resting media is held in a 4 inch thick porous mattress containing small plastic beads. The beads are about 0.100 inch in diameter, hollow and are anti-static. The mattress ...

Erratic volume is a basic annoyance of television viewing. From commercials increasing in volume to loud scenes in movies, there are times when you need to dive for the volume control. There are several strategies of automatically reducing volume for sudden increases, however, I think most people would rather be able to control it themselves - if they could easily get back to the previously determined comfortable volume.

I propose adding buttons and a set of remote control codes to remotes to allow the current volume to be noted and halved and restored at the push of a button. The analog nature of increasing and decreasing volume means that the volume does not decrease quickly and is also, unless ...

The smart home of the future has been just out of the consumer’s reach for decades. We constantly read stories about how our homes will turn down the temperature when we leave, turn on the lights when we enter, or call the police and text us when home security has been breached, yet these goals have remained elusive to all but the most tech savvy and wealthy homeowners. Even rudimentary forms of intelligence, such as integrated fire and burglar alarms, can be prohibitively expensive for the average consumer. Therefore, I propose a line of small, cheap, battery powered wireless nodes that can be coordinated using a standard PC and programmed using a simple graphical interface.

The sensor node itself is ...

At the end of 2008 there were around 2 million people living with HIV in Latin America - more than in the U.S., Canada, Japan and the UK combined. While this region has often been overlooked in the past, there is now growing recognition amongst the international community that the HIV epidemics of Latin American countries demand more attention than then have received so far.

No country in the world has experienced a significant drop in HIV prevalence. Affecting millions of people’s lives, HIV and AIDS have had widespread social and economic implications for many countries, and these effects will become more severe as epidemics worsen.

Overall, HIV prevention efforts have been small-scale, slow, and largely dependent ...

Macine Description-Overview:
Imagine: You walk up to this Modern, Fascinating, Patriot Health (vending) Machine and choose what you want:
You drop down your Card or Put in your Dollar for payment, then
Choose a Beverage: 1) Mineral-Spring Water, 2) Soda, 3) Juice 4) Yogurt Frozen or Regular 5) Other (Teas & Coffees maybe later)
Choose a flavor/essence:
Lemon/Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Guava, Grape, Banana, Cola, etc.
(light, not overpowering-maybe controlled by you online)
Choose a color preference:
Standard, Clear, Orange, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, etc
Choose mood you need help with: (mind, body)
+energy, +workout, +focus, +memory, +sex, -stress, -anxious/anxiety, +comforting, +Hangover help +Overall Health
Note: Included into cost: .25 will go to paying down US Debt ...

A Cellular telephone unit should be made that a common regular telephone can be plugged into it. This Cellular unit will have or be plugged into a normal AC power outlet, as it will have to provide common battery for the regular telephone. In this case the cell unit would be some distance from the user and thus would have much less of any possible radiation hazard. Also you would have the option of placing the cell unit near a window where they usually work better. Thus then this would allow for having the telephone any place where just a wire connection or a telephone outlet is located.

The cellular unit could also have adjustable volume and frequency compensations ...

I own a company designing and building stands for payment terminals, and my idea is a new product for use in the tablet PC, ereader and smartphone market. It will be the first product in a new vertical market. I will use the website, press releases, and social media to build buzz. Its name is the ATS-Tablet PC Stand.

When I first saw the iPad, I immediately began thinking of how I could build a stand that is versatile and is easy to use. As the iPad has many applications, I envisioned the stand to have many applications. I have a stand design that can be used with tablets and ereaders, but I have based it on the Apple ...

I see parents every day chasing their kids around the yard or on the sidewalk trying to get them to control their electric ride-along cars. Children don't seem to get the concept of "stop" while driving their electric cars, so mom or dad have to run after them in a panic to catch the car before it gets driven into the bushes, the back of a real car or into the road.

The Auto Stopper was created to let parents take control of those cars from a distance. The Auto Stopper is a small box that is plugged in between the cars battery and power wire, a small remote control is used by the parents to kill the power ...

Replacing the traditional display with a heads up display.
The video phone has an interface that is displayed as a heads up display. By holding AVA in front of you, the user interface is projected on the retina. At the same time the camera
transfers the video image to the receiver. The user interface is navigated with the buttons on top of the device.This makes the communication experience richer, more private and more fun for both parties.

There is no traditional display, rather it has a small projector, forming an image on the user's retina (like a heads up display). The user experiences this as having a transparent display at a distance in front of him/her.

The ...

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