Continuous Structural Frame Reinforcing

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Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions continuous frame reinforcing prevents and reduces structural failures in various force impacts and collisions.

Improves buildings, structures, vehicles, and containers survivabilities in tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, and collisions. This also reduces injuries and loss of life and personal property. Improves natural/environmental disaster preparation and response on the community levels.

Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions replace round-bodied steel tension cables, non-continuous frame reinforcing, and the installation hardships of former continuous frame reinforcing methods, and supports modern energy efficiency and architectural protection designing methods.

Continuous frame reinforcing is applicable to any type, shaped, sized, material, structural frame assemblage. Barrier fences, levees, dams, Container tanks, cargo holds, product casings, Buildings, Cars, Planes, Trains, Watercraft, Submersibles, Spacecraft, Encasement Channels, Roads, Bridges, etc.

Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions are an economically viable way to reinforce buildings and structures in the short term, and economically savings for long term durabilities, disaster survival, and product value appreciation.

Structural Steel Strap-nets & Extensions add three layer of structural performance protection to the accessorized structural frame assemblage; Impact Force Resistance, Damping/Frame Buffering, and Post-Tensioning. In Physics terminology, the Structural Strap-net adds Momentum Conservation and Equilibrium to the accessorized frames.

All basic components of a Structural Steel Strap-Net are currently produced and sold in Building Supply Stores. Connection brackets will occasionally have modifications per structural assemblage design, and fabricated separately from the basic components and fasteners. Installing a Structural Steel Strap-Net follows basic construction practices.

Production costs for new buildings and structures are more affordable with Structural Steel Strap-Nets & Extensions than with either non-continuous frame or continuous round-bodied steel cable reinforcing methods. Production costs vary for retro-fitting existing buildings and structures.

Quality of Life: Continuously reinforced buildings, structures, vehicles, stations, hazardous waste containers, etc; are safer, last longer, and are easier to maintain, repair, a/o add on to/with.

Structural Steel Strap-Nets are a simpler reinforcing installation method, less labor intense, with fewer connection assemblies and fasteners to achieve fiull frame assemblage reinforcing performance. They save time and money in constructing/assembling structural frame assemblages. They use less overall materials and can reduce materials used in the structural frames.

Renewable Energy is a major industrial beneficiary of continuously reinforced buildings and structures. Improved building.structure structural performance leads to better insulating, water, and fire resistance methods and locations. for more information on these new innovations.


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