America's Health Improvement Machine

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Macine Description-Overview:
Imagine: You walk up to this Modern, Fascinating, Patriot Health (vending) Machine and choose what you want:
You drop down your Card or Put in your Dollar for payment, then
Choose a Beverage: 1) Mineral-Spring Water, 2) Soda, 3) Juice 4) Yogurt Frozen or Regular 5) Other (Teas & Coffees maybe later)
Choose a flavor/essence:
Lemon/Lime, Pineapple, Orange, Guava, Grape, Banana, Cola, etc.
(light, not overpowering-maybe controlled by you online)
Choose a color preference:
Standard, Clear, Orange, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, etc
Choose mood you need help with: (mind, body)
+energy, +workout, +focus, +memory, +sex, -stress, -anxious/anxiety, +comforting, +Hangover help +Overall Health
Note: Included into cost: .25 will go to paying down US Debt
Another goes to; You Choose where you want to Pay .25 towards (your bank):
+Pay towards your College/Additional Higher Education
+Pay towards your Health Care
+Invest In your Retirement
+Pay down a debt
Answer/Vote towards the Most Important Topic that Day?
This Machine takes the known mixture microspheres of: Natural flavors, herbs, good vitamins, minerals you prefer and dispenses it to you as the Product you requested.
And It Says Thank You Great American-Have A Terrific Day!

Value of Project:
Benefit #1
Improves the Health Of People & America thru:
Better chosen product Intake
Helps Lower US Debt - guaranteed .25 into US debt pay down
Polling/Voting to be Real-Time for Government's Awareness
Investment into one’s own Future
Benefit #2
AHIM may be used at:
Schools, Colleges
Government & All Workplaces
Shopping Malls
Stores, Pharmacies
Benefit #3
Gives the Whitehouse & We the People Real-Time voices heard
Benefit #4
Gives People a way & means to Save towards their Future…
(thus reducing Social Security Demand, Medicare Burden, Education Grants)

Go To Market Strategy:
Phase 1:
Definition & Development
Build Prototype: Vending Machine
User Interfaces:
MS Surface, Screens, Products,
Banking (Monetary Intake, Deposits: US Debt & Own Futures)
Product Vending Prototype:
Product Dispensers; Multiple Head with Cleaning, Cups & Lids
Micro Dosage, Flavor & Vitamin Mixology into Product
Vulnerability & Security System integration
Full Machine Packaging & Integration
Plug in: Water System, I/O Interface
Load Systems: Product (Soda Flavors & Essences, Vitamins & Minerals, Cups, Lids)


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    Shawn Boike
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