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Ever experienced a long wait at an airport, train station or hospital or other similar situation? In such a situation the only thing you can do is just sit and wait and get comfortable and the chair you are sitting in is uncomfortable and awkward and you try to get a nap but it lacks a sufficiently tall back and head support and the armrest is low and hard and too painful to lay your head on -- that’s if it has an armrest.

The Easy-sleeper emerges from a medium briefcase sized fold-out utility that forms into the shape of a chair by mating up the built-in velcro pads and to give it shape and strength as the illustration depicts. Simply place the formed chair on a seat or bench and sit in it like a regular chair. The flexible design allows the occupant to lean back while maintaining the form of a recliner chair. The weight of the person on the seat flap will prevent the user from rolling over backwards when the Easy-Sleeper is placed on seating without back support. Seating that has a back support will still permit the Easy-Sleeper to flex backward for added comfort as long as it is placed on the seat accordingly. A built-in spongy head pad provides the occupant maximum comfort for his head.

Made from double or triple layered cardboard or thin , high strength plastic material allows for the Easy-Sleeper to be made durable and inexpensive. It can be made available at airport shops and retail outlets and will be compact and light enough to make it a must for any traveller and an easily carried item on trips.


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