Dumbwaiter Refrigerator, Safe and Earthquake Proof!

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The Dumbwaiter Refrigerator is the modern update to an old design.

In keeping with energy savings, safety and disaster proofing, recent events in Japan and other cities demonstrate the impracticality of the old refrigerator designs!

Conversely, the Dumbwaiter Refrigerator offers the following enhanced qualities:

1. Security, access limited to items you select. Some may be secured with a pin code.

2. Energy savings, since no doors are open to the refrigeration space, temperatures remain stable within the device at all times.

3. Secure storage, each shelf section locked in place while allowing individual temperatures to be selected for each cell, regardless of the adjacent cells.

4. Space savings, the leeway space not required during normal operation, since the front doors are sealed. When the front doors are open it is a clamshell operation.

5. Spills are reduced or completely eliminated, negating the need to clean the device regularly.

6. Storage is denser as the three sets of shelf sections two internal and one on the right front door, store much more material in a well ordered manner.

7. The cost of the device is nominal with the best current refrigeration devices on the market. The energy savings actually reduce the cost of ownership. This device is guaranteed to use 30% less energy than a refrigerator that is accessed six to ten times a day. If the standard refrigerator is accessed more than six times a day the savings provided by the Dumbwaiter Refrigerator increase dramatically.


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