FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment

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The FreeWheel is a durable, light weight (5 lbs.) aluminum third-wheel that quickly and easily clamps to the footrest of a rigid-frame manual wheelchair. It instantly turns a wheelchair into an all-terrain chair. By lifting up the front casters the FreeWheel easily navigates rough terrain, from uneven sidewalks and curbs to grass, dirt trails and snow covered areas.

Wheelchair users' mobility is significantly reduced by the small front casters that, while great on nice hard smooth surfaces, are dangerous on any type of rough terrain or thick carpet. This is no longer the case when a FreeWheel is attached. It increases the safety of the user due to less risk of falls or being dumped out of the chair (very common).

The FreeWheel allows the wheelchair user to take advantage of the momentum they do have while pushing, or being pushed, by going over obstacles vs. being forced to stop or "wheelie" over everything.

With a FreeWheel, wheelchair users may get through snow, hike dirt trails with their families, or even participate in sporting events such as marathons, without the added expense of a racing chair (which can run over $4000 and also require the individual to have the space to transport a second chair).

The FreeWheel reduces the risk of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand injury as it makes the wheelchair easier to push. In addition, the more active a wheelchair user is, the healthier they will be, which is critical with individuals with spinal cord or other muscular debilitating diseases.
The FreeWheel equals freedom and independence for individuals who are confined to a wheelchair. When not in use, the FreeWheel stores on the perch on the back of the users wheelchair.


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