Topcric Opening and Closing Discharge of Solids

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TOPCRIC - "FOOD PACKAGING" opening, pouring and sealing improved packaging of solid products, grain and feed dust, pet food and chemicals.

This idea has a world record with 8 international awards in 6 months without being sold yet. On April 3, 2011 a ninth award was won in Orleans.

This system revolutionizes packaging, thanks to its tightness, having an airtight seal that guarantees the freshness after opening the packages, and featuring a system that positioned in the opening and closing, enables pouring a perfect 99.99% of all solid, powder and grain.

A: Luis Burgos has created something special for children;
It is the first system of built-in breakfast cereal packets that children from 3.5 years old can open with ease.
B: Luis Burgos has made a large environmental contribution in the world; Creating a global standard and removing all plastic bags from inside the current packages.
C: Luis Burgos radically changes the concept of using food or other packages:
With this new concept, there is no need to break boxes, place a clothesline clip to close the package, or transfer out of the plastic products, paper or cardboard to a glass or rigid plastic. Topcric system allows keeping the original package and product.

Currently there are 10 companies with an interest in negotiating licenses.

Information and inventor Luis Burgos

The idea has the following protections: Spanish Patent, PCT patent, U.S. Patent, European Patent, Copy Right, Copyright and Industrial Design Europe.


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