Fast Freeze/Frost Fire

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Fast Freeze is similar to a microwave oven BUT for Instant Cooling. Frost Fire is Fast Freeze + Microwave. Instant Cooling and heating in one unit.

When we consume Soda/Beer/other Cold Beverage we want its temp to be cold for the duration of consumption, say one can/bottle is consumed in 10 to 20 minutes. Then where is the necessity in maintaining this cold temperature for days/weeks by storing it in a Refrigerator ? It is sheer waste of energy + precious refrigeration space. The compressor must kick 'on' and 'off' to maintain this temperature.

When you are ready to consume a can of soda/beer which is stored at room temperature then just pop-in the can in Fast Freeze and press a button. In less than 3 minutes the temperature reaches close to freezing or any temp you set.

Expensive wines need a particular cold temp to enjoy its taste more. Right now, only way to achieve this is to insert the bottle in a bucket of ice and wait for hours. Keep measuring the temp at different intervals to get the desired temperature.

Fast Freeze is a heaven sent opportunity for wine cooling. The wine coolers sold in the market will maintain the set cold temperature. THEY DO NOT COOL FROM ROOM TO REFRIGERATOR TEMPERATURE IN 3 MINUTES.

Good looking and excellent working prototype is ready for testing. Looking for Entrepreneurs / Manufacturers to commercialize this GREEN and CONVENIENT product. For the first time in the world people can cool beverages almost instantly. An high utility device for all the kitchens all around the world.


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