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A patent-pending ENERGY SAVING TV IMAGE CONTROL SYSTEM called TV Green Key is an innovation that will help bring new and old TV sets to the required energy savings stated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in the 2009 California Efficiency Standards for Televisions, the most stringent bill of its kind anywhere in the world.

TV Green Key is a remote-receiver device that will permit significant energy savings in televisions and the creation of carbon credits by providing a simple way to take out video from television, while only leaving audio on. Our tests demonstrate that televisions consume up to 67% less electricity when using TV Green Key. This device can come as a stand-alone unit for existing video devices or it can be embedded into upcoming televisions and cable boxes through licensing agreements.

The TV Green Key system capitalizes on the numbers of people multi-tasking or leaving the room while watching TV (50%-75% of users). Additionally, utility companies are looking at behavior modification tools because most of the low-hanging fruit is gone in energy savings and new demand response programs will require innovative ideas. At the same time, it allows parents to instantaneously blank out harmful television content using a black signal with the touch of a button.

The TV Green Key can also come on automatically after a certain amount of time. This low-cost and high-impact device will be made available in two forms: a stand-alone gadget for existing TVs or it can be licensed for upcoming cable boxes and TVs. Essentially, it is a receiver and a remote control button, using a combination of hardware and firmware. Our plan is to pursue rebate programs with utilities and policy makers as well as store contracts with mass retailers. Because of legislation such as the California Efficiency Standards for televisions and because of parental concerns on explicit TV images, we believe this will be a paradigm-changing product. With a planned price point of about $15, we expect that people will be able to pay back and have excess savings within a year.


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