ION Windows

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You're driving down a road at night, your head lights are really dull, and you can't see. Now I am proposing an idea that will revolutionize the technique of driving at night. I am currently taking this weather class at school and I got the best idea. Since weather personnel use infrared satellite images to see clouds at night on earth, why can't we have IR windows. If we had IR windows we could see so much further down the road and on the sides of the road. For example if something is moving in the forest and is about to jump on the street, you can detect it way earlier than that. We can have IR windows for houses as well, one could see what is outside from inside the house without even having to turn on the lights. I suggest that whenever night falls, the sensor on the windows picks up the environment darkening and so it automatically starts. Think about it, there would so many less accidents happening at night caused by inability to see clearly what is in front.


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    Mihai Ion
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