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Camera In Dashboard with Electronic Response. The name of this is so vague only because of the endless possibilities that are possible. In simple terms, it is just a high-definition infrared camera mounted into the dashboard of your car that can pretty much do anything you program it to do. The Camera itself will not be any larger than an average cell phone camera lens. There are many features it can preform with the right hardware and the right programming. Just to list a few, it can:

~Find out if you are actually wearing your seat-belt and send a warning.

~See if you are talking on your phone and warn you.

~Wake up driver if he is falling asleep.

~Interpret hand gestures to adjust multiple things, such as climate controls, air vents, radio, GPS, etc. without ever having to look away from the road and be distracted. Motion Gestures are also more accurate than voice-controls.

~Check your body temperature to automatically adjust climate controls.

~Use facial recognition to prevent unauthorized persons from driving your vehicle.

~Adjust Air vents, rear view mirror, side mirror, chair, etc. all from triangulating or judging where your head is in relation to the car.

~Aid in a voice recognition program such as Microsoft Sync by lipreading and confirming what you say.

~See and confirm if the driver is hurt in an accident and automatically call 911 or another emergency service.

~Have many more possibilities....

Having a CINDER is the next step to producing next-generation 21st Century Cars. It provides safer travel, better human interaction with the car and saves a lot of time for the driver as well. CINDER will help drivers stay focused to the road avoiding more accidents and will help reduce the amount of control surfaces needed to operate the car. CINDER could also be easily installed into existing cars since all the hardware you need is the camera and a chip containing the programming wired to the car's existing hardware. On newer cars, the programming would be built into the car's main computer.

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