Projection Laptop With Detachable Touch Screen

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Laptops generally have screens that range from 12 to 17 inches in size. By theory, the only way to increase the screen size of any laptop is to attach it to a bigger monitor or affix a projector to the laptop. The problem with those options is that they require extra cables, more accessories, and occupy unnecessary space. A projection laptop would solve all these issues by combining current technology available in the market place. By having a projector built into the back of the screen on a laptop the screen size now varies on the distance from the object being projected on to. The projection aspect of the laptop is available at the switch of a button. This allows your laptop to be a computer first with projection capability that allows an increased viewing area. When projecting, the screen can be removed leaving the projector attached to the laptop. This helps make the projected image easier to view while using the keyboard. With the screen detached from the laptop the screen now becomes a touch pad. Using Bluetooth technology the screen can be utilized the same way an iPad or tablet would be used and in this case the image would be projected from the laptop. This is a laptop that can project to create a bigger image and then can be turned into a stationary computer with a touch screen as the input device.

A projection laptop eliminates the extra cables and accessories, and saves space from having to attach a projector or attaching an external monitor. There are currently no laptops in the marketplace like this. Companies that design laptops have been increasing screen size to appeal more to its consumers but with this proposed laptop design consumers can set the laptop to their ideal screen size. This would create a massive market place potential. Laptops are a part of our everyday lives now with almost every consumer owning a computer. With this style of laptop they would be ideal for almost every situation; business and leisure. These laptops could be used for students in college and high school, teachers in the classrooms, business women and men who travel to present ideas, companies that hold meetings in conference rooms, engineers who want to work on bigger monitors, and even as an at home entertainment computer. The market for a projection laptop is endless.

These laptops could be manufactured the same way current laptops are manufactured with the same materials and processes currently in place. Cost would be saved by not having to build an external monitor for the laptop, not having to manufacture portable projectors, and by already having the touch screen built in with Bluetooth technology. This is the next evolution of laptops in the marketplace with our current society of increasing technological advances.


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