DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots

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DAMPS MKIV Smart Boots utilizes the most advanced shock mitigation suspension/propulsion technology in the world.

DAMPS Technology MKIV Smart Boots utilizes opposing super magnets in the heel of footwear for advanced suspenstion/propulsion shock mitigation.

In testing with Special Operations Forces (SOF), DAMPS recorded over a 68% increase in heel strike shock mitigation, when compared to conventional footwear. That means soldiers, anyone can walk ten miles and his or her body receives the equivalent motion shock of only three miles.

30% of new recruits suffer impact related lower extremity injures, resulting in loss of training time.

Heel strike injury (plantar fasciitis), is the number one injury seen by podiatrists. Low back problems are the number two cause of employee down time.

In addition the DAMPS heel system provides a forced aeration system, to utilize heel strike to force air into the uppers for cooling and added moisture and hygene control.

An ancillary by product of the DAMPS opposing super magnets system is 3-5 jewell watts of DC current production, which can be used to recharge batteries and other electronics energy support.


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