Flat Screen Corner Bracket System

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Saves valuable wall space by allowing user to hang flat screen televisions and pc monitors in the corner of any room. The bracket remains completely hidden behind the tv screen/ monitor. U.S. Patent #7,883,066. This system has only 3 parts, and is much easrier and less time consuming to asemble than any other bracket on the market today. overall weight is around 5 lbs. the 3 piece design allows for articulation to the left and right, as well as adjustment in/out away from the corner to accommodate a variety of screen sizes. A lock may be applied to the bracket, which adds security from theft.

Currently, the brackets are made of powder coated steel, and can hold weights far more than the weight of a single television. For large scale production, hight density plastic injection molding would be the ideal manufacturing technique.

This application may be used comercially in hospitals, schools, offices,or in hotels. In home use, this bracket system works great in livingrooms,bedrooms, and game rooms. For families with small children, keep the television out of reach easily with the flat screen corner bracket system.


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