Family Bike Rack

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This is a revolutionary, yet simple, new bike rack design. It is designed to mount to the standard hitch receiver. It will accomodate any style or size bicycle frame quickly and easily with no need for adapters. It can hold up to six or even seven bicycles.
The load and unload time is approximately 1/3 that of traditional bike racks that secure the bikes using the frames. It stores very compactly for transport and storage when not in use. It holds the bicycles by one rim, and does not contact the frame, so it will not damage any of the cables/wires/components on the bike.

A wall mount bracket is available that allows the user to attach the rack to their garage wall and mount the rack. They can then load the bicycles onto the rack and store all their bikes in a very compact space, freeing up valuable garage space.

It is constructed out of steel and has rubber protected surfaces that hold the front rim and the rear wheel. A simple strap around all the bikes is all that is required to secure them to the rack once they are loaded. When not in use, the skewer rod can detach and the upper horizontal bar can be removed or mounted to face forward over the vehicle.

It is a very simple, yet solid design, that is inexpensive to manufacture. Racks that can carry four or five bikes (currently five is the highest capacity available) cost upwards of $250. This will be able to sell between $100-$150.


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