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The PorterBrella is a portable device used to mount to the frame of any glass embedded automobile door. It is equipped to support the weight and torque of an umbrella used during adverse weather conditions such as wind, rain, hail, and snow. The PorterBrealla extends the functionality of a traditional umbrella to allow it to serve as a shield and limit weather elements like rain, hail, and snow from entering the user’s open automobile door.

How the PorterBrella works

The user of the PorterBrella will insert the straight handle of an open umbrella into the device top-end and use a squeezing/gripping motion to secure the umbrella’s handle into the device. The user will then open the automobile door where the umbrella’s usage is desired. At that time the user will singlehandedly grapple the PorterBrella and squeeze it to secure it to the open glass embedded automobile door frame. The PorterBrella affixing mechanism is designed to apply enough forceful pressure to securely adhere the extended umbrella and adequately provide a sheltered coverage from the falling weather elements. The PorterBrella’s vertical shaft position is adjustable such that the angle of the covering umbrella can be directionally modified by the user with a maximum angular range of +/- 30 degrees of the 180 degree baseline/straight-line position.

Upon completion of use, the user simply singlehandedly activates the automobile door mount release mechanism to remove the device from the vehicle. To release the umbrella, the user singlehandedly activates the umbrella handle release mechanism.

Quick List of Components

• Umbrella handle support
• Automobile door mounting mechanism
• Umbrella handle release mechanism
• Automobile door mount release mechanism
• Adjustable shaft
• Gel mounting support


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