Personal Outdoor Robot Assistant

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This is a remote-controlled platform that is currently in use as an aid in outdoor heavy work. With a track drive for extreme traction and maneuverability, from a distance it is easily controlled.The machine is capable of driving a lawn mower over difficult and dangerous terrain. With a plow blade attached and a weight added, it is capable of pushing a 10 inch snowfall uphill,to clear a driveway. It has a radio range of 1/4 mile.

This versatile platform is powered by [2]-3 hp DC gearmotors. On board are 2 marine deep cycle batteries to furnish a minimum of 6 hours run time between charging. Also equipped is a 2.4 ghz wireless camera to enable remote viewing and operation from indoors.

This device has been developed and used regularly by myself for several years, saving untold hours of labor and injury.

A newspaper article about this machine and myself can be found at this link:


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