Instant Mount Bicycle Brake Light

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LucidBrake(TM) is a snap to use. Just attach to your bike and ride! Unlike the few struggling attempts at reasonable brake lights for bicycles on the market so far, there's no messy wiring, and no complicated attachment to your bicycle's mechanical brake system in any way.

The National Safety Council reports that the total cost of bicycle accidents is over $4 billion per year, involving thousands of injuries and deaths. LucidBrake(TM) is an innovative, extremely easy to install and use bicycle brake light and awareness beacon that can help prevent many of these accidents, especially as more and more bicyclists ride in groups, and as bicycles increasingly share the road with motorized vehicles.

This patent pending brake light uses the same highly-developed, miniaturized accelerometer and micro-controller chips as found in today's game controllers and cell phones, with advanced algorithms to accommodate bumps, slopes, and even a variable mounting angle. The brake light automatically adjusts for these conditions to provide a very bright, reliable indication of deceleration. It also provides a high-visibility awareness blinking light when not braking. High efficiency, ultra-bright LEDs mean long life for its standard batteries.

For professional cyclists, the total mass and size of the unit will be easy to minimize, and the cost should be easy to keep within the range of currently available headlight and tail light products. For children's and other lower priced bicycles, it is anticipated that the cost to manufacture can easily reach the required design goals as well.

LucidBrake(TM) is not on the market yet, but you can see a 30 second video of one of the prototypes in action at This video alone has resulted in a quickly growing list of people who want one when they become available.

The market for this invention is huge, and expanding. All around the world bicycles are becoming increasingly important, with bike paths, clubs, events, rallies, and bicycle awareness growing as we decrease our dependencies on hydrocarbon-based transportation, and as people become more health conscious. LucidBrake(TM) can help improve the safety, and quality of life, for all bicyclists.

As a simple add-on, unlike products that require tighter integration with the original bicycle manufacturing process, LucidBrakes(TM) can be marketed directly both to consumers and manufacturers alike.

LucidBrakes(TM) can help save lives, prevent injuries, and help make bicycling an ever better way for people to cut petroleum usage, increase our overall health, and make getting around on this planet better and safer for all.


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