Passive Microwave Imager

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Passive microwave imager portable hand held imager concept is a device that uses passive microwave energy to image things much like a radar. My idea is to use miniterized technology to make the unit small and light enough to be hand held or possibly even fit in a large pants pocket.The current concept I have is a unit that is hand held using both hands or if your hands are strong using just one hand to hold to unit.T he unit can also be mounted on a adapter that fits the universial mounting building bracket. The unit has an integrated screen control panel and passive phased array and DSP and FPGA modules and prossesser all in one unit. The unit is designed to generate high resolution radar images through fabric and other material to see what's behind the material. There are a lot of applications for a portable hand held image generating radar. The advantage to my concept is that it is portable so it can be quickly deployed to where it is needed on short notice and since the radar essentially uses passive technology it is logically safer to use versus say active ionizing radiation. Because it does not use any ionizing radiation it could be used by private citizens or nationals in the United States without special licensing. Since the unit has absolutely no moving parts it is relible and very rugged and durable and since it has no moving part to wear out quickly the reliability is improved. This opens up a lot of possibilities for deployment. Also the possibility of including a properly tested and validated certified paracyte zapper could be added to stop brain worms that might be present.


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