Discrete Imbiber

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The Discrete Imbiber is a handheld portable battery powered oral suction instrument and tool for improving and increasing quality of life in the workplace, at home, during leisure time, and while traveling. Recently, a golfing industry’s top 10 golfer unconsciously discarded built-up oral fluid on the greens-grass in a world class tournament; in the medical industry, pregnant women are diagnosed with hyper-salivation/mouth secretions or overactive saliva glands caused by hormonal problems (approximately 4,000,000 get pregnant annually in the U.S. – worldwide pregnancy statistics unknown) creating an undue mental and physical discomfort and stressful situation for expecting mothers - which stress and discomfort negatively effects-affects the health and well-being of the unborn child, that problematically forces her from a comfortable lying or sitting position unwillingly to move and to get up to expel oral fluid build-up-saliva; everyday at home and employees at the office suffering head and chest colds and congestion with cough secretions, have lost valuable in the moment critical time and timing due to an oral secretion restroom break; tourists and locals walking outdoors or indoors in a foreign country and prohibited from discarding-expelling oral built-up fluid secretions on sidewalk or ground are disadvantaged; and the elderly with Parkinson’s Disease affecting approximately 120-180 people in every 100,000 Caucasians or in people with inflammation of the mouth that saliva builds up having a saliva-glandular-hormonal diagnosis, the current personal care, health and hygiene method in use which The Imbiber replaces is a mere fabric towel or a rough tissue paper.

The Imbiber is assembled with a plastic or aluminum handheld griping shaft enclosing a 9 volt battery with power @ 2.0-12.0 volts D.C., power on off button, recharging port, plastic or aluminum curved ¼” wide 5” long wand mouthpiece, straight ¼” wide 5” long wand mouthpiece which inserts in intake port fan chamber for tubular secretion discrete suctioning with a 300mA 15-18.300 RPM motor connected to fan chamber using blower port for channeling fluid from mouth into 3in x 3in x 51/4in with 3in x 3in capacity or 140mm receptacle for draining oral fluid discretely to promote good mental health.

The Imbiber comes in multi-shapes and multi-designs for multiple global markets for resolving similar problems occurring in multiple similar situations that can sit and be used discretely in public, sit on a desk at the office, sit on a table at home, placed in a purse, and connected to a belt around the waist – selling price under $35.


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