Smart Electricity Billing System

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Our project “SMART ELECTRICITY BILLING SYSTEM” is a humble attempt to eliminate the waste of time in taking meter reading and also to reduce human efforts.

The present system of billing for electricity includes a tedious job of taking the reading from the meter of each consumer. For this the man who takes the reading has to go to each and every meter and take the reading manually. This is a very time consuming process and hence we may need more men to do this work and hence become costly.

The smart billing is a solution for these problems. Here the employee can just drive through a road near the meter in a vehicle and can get the reading of all meters, which is within the range of 1.5KM from the vehicle. This can be achieved by connecting a meter interface unit to the meter and having a handheld unit in the vehicle.

This project is based on ZIGBEE technology. ZigBee is a very attractive technology for implementing low-cost, low-power wireless control networks requiring high flexibility. We take the reading from the meter by connecting a METER INTERFACE UNIT (MIU) to it. MIU mainly consists of PIC for data storage and ZIGBEE for communication. The reading is displayed on an LCD. The reading transmitted by the MIU is received by HAND HELD UNIT (HHU). HHU comprises ZigBee for the data (reading) collection from all users, PIC for data storage and a serial port for communication with a PC. The data in this unit is transferred to the PC to calculate the bill amount.


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