Snappy Funnel

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My idea is a product which would replace the cap on standard automotive washer fluid reservoirs and other types of applications. If you have ever tried to fill the fluid without a funnel handy fluid gets spilled all over. This concept allows for a funnel to be pulled up and open allowing the fluid to be poured in, without spilling any on the ground, thus making this an environmental product as well.

The basic design is a fanfold type of funnel with a base which can be manufactured to snap onto existing washer fluid reservoirs, either with a universal snap on fixture, or with a vehicle or purpose specific cap.

Operation is simple, just flip the cap, pull the funnel up and out, then when finished push it back into the reservoir. I believe this would not only help eliminate spills, but make filling fluids easier for people on the go. Think about the savings also, less waste means more money in the buyer's pocket.

This could be manufactured for little cost and yet would have a great impact on the environment by preventing fluids from getting into the environment.


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    Shawn Galloway
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