Photo Opportunity Device

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The Photo Opportunity Device would allow those who are unable to operate a camera due to physical limitations, the ability to do so. This device is extremely portable at a lowered height of around fifteen inches with a diameter of around four inches. This device is height adjustable to a height of around two feet and can be used for multiple applications. It is remotely operated and allows the user to rotate and tilt the camera up and down.

The user would mount the camera onto the center of a square plate that is around five inches in size. In the center of the plate is a standard 3/16 tripod mounting screw. This square plate will then be mounted onto a hollow square shaped motor housing. After it is mounted onto the motor housing, the user is able to tilt the camera 45 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward. Below this is a part that would allow the camera to rotate 360 degrees. This pan and tilt apparatus is then mounted onto a telescoping mechanism that is around four inches in diameter. This would allow the camera to be raised to a height of around two feet. The completed assembly will then be able to attach directly to the backrest of a wheelchair or wherever it is needed. The assembly would then operate off of a small, rechargeable battery connected to various servo motors.

The materials that will be used to assemble this device will need to have a low cost and be recyclable. It will also need to be strong, durable, lightweight, and have a long material lifespan. This device will use a combination of various materials. One material that would be used is aluminum. This will be used to build the interior parts such as the rotating mechanism. The camera mounting plate would either be stamped out of steel or made out of a thermoplastic composite. The exterior cover and motor housing for the tilting mechanism would be made out of a new thermoplastic advanced composite. This material is 60 percent lighter than steel, 600 percent stiffer than steel, and 30 percent lighter than aluminum. This material has many benefits such as improved heat tolerance, increased toughness, long material lifespan, and is an affordable replacement of aluminum and steel, and is also recyclable. In using these materials for the manufacture of this device, it will be lightweight and greatly affordable to the consumer.

The Photo Opportunity Device will eliminate the problem of being unable to take pictures or video due to physical limitations. The finished device will be extremely lightweight and portable at a weight of around four to five pounds. The market price for consumers would be in the 200 to 250 dollar range to make it affordable for middle class individuals. It is a safe and easy to use product and will allow those of various age and ability, equal opportunity to capture life’s memories.


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    Mike Osenni
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    Solidworks, Google sketchup, autocad
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    coming up with new designs to help those in need
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    My designs are inspired by seeing how they may benefit those with various disabilities. I am always thinking about new ways to provide those with disabilities the opportunity to gain and/or increase his or her independence. I feel that all should have an equal chance to be a part of something they enjoy and not worry about how they will accomplish daily tasks. This is especially important to me since I face a debilitating disease known as Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
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