Trailer Hitch with Rear View Camera

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The Trekr Quatro Hitch© is an innovative and simple trailer hitch design that provides up to four different hitch attachments available in one unit. One need only rotate the hitch assembly to have desired attachment at the bottom, available for use, once assembly is secured to the receiver.

The trailer hitch design also houses a rear-view camera in the center of the mounting shaft, to allow for a direct-line-view when attaching to a trailer. The box outer shape of the hitch also serves as an additional place to step on when manipulating a trailer or boat. The housing also offers excellent protection for the camera and various hitch attachments.


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    Eric K. Rugg
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    NewTek Lightwave 3D; Adobe Illustrator, Premier, Photoshop, Page Maker; OpenOffice.
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    Hunt, fish, sculpt, video, photo, graphic design
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    Designs are like your children, you hope that when you send them out into the world, they will do great things. The idea of having any of my designs or inventions come to fruition, is the fulfillment of what our goal in life should be: to leave the world a better place for having been in it.
    Ideas happen, and then evolve and materialize when modeling in 3D; NewTek LightWave Modeler RULES!!!
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