Perfect Press

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This is portable, light and compact. The Prefect Press will allow you to iron your garments while still on the hanger. No more getting out the ironing board, or having to find a flat place to iron. The design is simple. A flat iron on one side and a steamer on the other. All in a handheld design. Great for when on a business trip, on vacation or running behind to a recital. My idea as most came out of necessity. My thought was to make something handheld, compact, and easy to use anywhere. That's when "The Perfect Press" came to be. I believe this would be a great item to have in the home, and to replace the conventional iron and ironing board. The iron itself is the size is about 12-14 inches long and very lightweight, temperature and steam control sits on the top side of each designated use. For example, the heat control is on the flat iron side and the steam control is on the steam iron side. Very effective when you are in a hurry for that meeting or interview. Very cost effective. You no longer have to purchase a new ironing board, cover, starch and no more washing the cover as well. This is all inclusive, and other ideas and attachments are in the works to make sure you have all you need the first time you use it. This will save you so much in the long run of time and money. The Perfect Press would be manufactured and marketed to all chain stores nationwide, as well as catalog and internet. Thank you for looking at my design. It's still in the starting stages, but that's why I need your vote.


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    Albert Guzman
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    Self taught.
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    Inventing new products
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    Necessity is what drives me to continue to invent. We all have it in us. I just need one to begin the journey. Please vote for my idea.
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