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Today in school and colleges we get books, for example an English subject text book for 5th grade students with more than 5 to 8 chapter lessons to learn. That means in a single day the teacher doesn't teach all the chapters but we carry every day this book according to the time table of each class.

It means loss of energy for students carrying the book every day when the teacher teaches 1 chapter or less than 1 chapter. Plus the student gets more tense in carry this book and also while reading this book and while exam comes near the student becomes more tense.

My innovation is in page manner or it can call file system in a single day how many chapters the teacher teaches and how many pages are required for reading and for writing the notes according to student handwriting, that many pages is required, for examples English subject 1 chapter is of 2 pages and to write the notes 4 page that means total pages becomes 6 pages only. For one day it comes to 50 to 100 pages of total subject only (English, Math, Science, etc...) that means it reduces 3 to 5.5 kg of school bag. This was recorded of grade 5 students from Kerala, Thrissur district (INDIA).

If this innovation made in school and college it will help the student to read and understand the lesson faster plus it can add more advanced subjects for students, for example: space, technical, daily news knowledge, etc...


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