FDx Trolley

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...By Golly, This Furniture Dolly Is A Trolley!

Furniture Dollies are common and well known. They are a great tool to help move large, heavy loads that can sit securely on top of the dolly.

To carry and move large, thin items, it is best to employ a Panel Trolley. They have vertical supports to hold large, thin items on edge, in an upright position which allows easy maneuvering through doorways and narrow passageways by one person.

FDx Trolley is a bolt-on solution that provides a simple, safe, and inexpensive way which allows a furniture dolly to carry large, thin items and function like a standard panel trolley.

With a clamp attachment design at the base, no screws or holes are driven into the furniture dolly so the structural integrity and load carrying capacity of the furniture dolly are not compromised.

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