Electric Heated Gloves That Stay Heated

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Electric Glove

I hate when, during running, skiing, and snow shoeing, my hands get cold. Especially when it is to the point I can barely move them. My idea is a twist on current ideas, more like a combination.

While there are many types of gloves and boots to keep us warm, sometimes they just aren't enough. When this happens we need to resort to more external ways of producing heat. Currently we use chemical heat packs, a friend's arm pits or electric heated gloves . . .

Most people don't know electric gloves exist, unless you ride snow mobiles. The reason being is that the batteries don't last long enough to keep the gloves heated throughout an epic day on the hill. Here is where my idea changes that. My product stays heated while you move. If it is getting cold just shake and it will warm up.

My product combines the technology of a shake flashlight and that of an electric blanket. With this technology one would be able to create enough heat to keep their appendages warm while performing their activity. Once the technology is in place it could reach way beyond those shredding the "nar."

Athletes performing in cold weather could wear sports specific gloves that provide just enough heat to keep their fingers usable: runners, hikers, football and baseball players. The technology could be applied in boots for cold weather workers, hikers and snow shoers. More importantly the concept could be incorporated into rescue blankets where heated blankets would be useful. Imagine a rescue team is saving someone who got caught by an avalanche. As they approach the person the blanket is in a constant state of movement; therefore, heating up. Now the person has an already warm blanket for protection.

The cost of this system could be very low. These types of gloves already exist just without my idea. Burton makes a snowboarding boot that has to be plugged in to stay warm. Once the idea is created it could be licensed to other manufactures. Therefore keeping the production costs low and the companies could sell the gloves for whatever they wanted.

The how: The electronic components would be in an impact resistant shell/casing. Inside would be a magnet that is free to move inside a coil of wires. The moving magnet would then create enough electricity to cause a heated wire effect as occurs in a heat blanket.

Note: Sorry for my photos I don't have a nice program or the ability to draw. I have plans drawn up for all of this so it is possible.

Thank you for reading about my idea.


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