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Views: 3764 is the very first web site designed to teach the new art, science & fun of creating new crafts with craft stick bending. The craft will not only teach the fun, but will also teach the science, technology, engineering and math (S.T.E.M) of the bending with craft sticks. For example popsicle sticks are used in bridge building competitions as staight sticks. Now you can bend, mold & shape them for your bridge design.

CraftStickBending is the ability to bend, mold and shape craft sticks of all kinds into hundreds of new shapes. This new craft will allow crafters of ages to create like never before. Wood bending has been around for thousands of years; popsicle sticks have been around for eighty seven years. I'm the one to bring the two together in a twisted way. Creating with CraftStickBending will bend the rules, mold creativity, shape inventors and "create the future" of this new craft to come.

My idea is to place wood, (small as it may be), in the hands of young crafters, young artists, and young creators. Wood is such an excellent medium for creating. You can cut it, sand it, shape it, bend it, glue it, drill it, and much, much more. With very little skill, tools and a few helpful instructions from you can be more creative than ever.

The beauty of my idea is that I'm not trying to solve global warming, just provide a more unique way to be creative. The potential benefits will be that CraftStickBending will inspire new creators/inventors that grow up to run this country. Currently craft sticks are sold with few, if any, instructions. My craft stick kits will be sold with a how-to DVD. How to do right angle bends, Sharpie bends, bulk bending and more. CraftStickBending has a vast market potential including public school art & engineering classes, home schooling, club and organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs and Scouts, and day care. Summer camps often use crafts to engage their young minds. Young crafters can do basic bends and add paint and bling. Advanced crafters can make craft stick creations that move by adding electronics and robotics. My sticks are made in the USA and are a quality above the normal craft sticks sold in most craft stores today. will sell many different craft sticks, how-to DVD's, bending tools and supplies. The site will have a photo gallery for crafters to share their creations and talk with others. My dream is that years from now, I will look back and know I inspired and engaged young minds towards the S.T.E.M fields that our country needed.


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    Brad Griffith
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Right Brain, left Brain, Right Hand, Left Hand
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    Hire CAD out.
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    Inventing S.T.E.M field educational inspirations
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    My inspirations for the S.T.E.M field educational engaging toys, comes from my desire to start a Engineering Competitions for Boy Scouts of America and like groups. Much like the Pinewood Derby Race for the younger boys, however the new competitions would be created by a group of olders boys working together. See our start up site. Also my kids inspire my work.
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