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The Unbutton is a template with holes where buttons appear on a touch sensitive monitor. It is designed and constructed of materials so that it floats over the touch sensitive surface.

Touch typists can more naturally use an Unbutton than a touch panel's featureless surface.

The Unbutton is installed by sliding over the touchscreen device. It masks off one edge, two edges or the entire touchscreen surface, depending upon the applet or gaming environment in use.

The split slide-over version can be held in place using attached elastic bands

A frame built into the touchscreen surface could accept a flat Unbutton designed for the purpose. A variety of Unbuttons could be holstered with or in the device for storage.

The design concept is simple. The materials can be any color or clear polycarbonate. Alternative variations are limitless.

Searching for something similar has revealed no like designs. However, the concept is so straightforward and obvious that, despite having found nothing, it is not unlikely that a patent may already exist.


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    Shawn Hendricks
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    Interactions - Jeff Goldblum in the Fly says, "I connected a molecular sequencer this to a" something "that" and that is the way I like to think of things. We already have pieces and parts but lack their assembly.
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