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The Vulcan is an open-source, open-hardware handheld computer with two main purposes. The first purpose is to serve as a retro-gaming platform, capable of playing old console games, or new, indie games. The second purpose is to act as a handheld computer research platform for hobbyists that cannot afford a large, expensive development kit.

The Vulcan handheld will employ a reconfigurable logic device capable of changing its hardware configuration on-the-fly. When you upload a new hardware profile, it literally becomes a different device, eliminating the need for platform emulators. With the open-hardware policy, there will be complete transparency in these configurations, so you will always know what you're going to get.

As for software, there will be an open-source IDE available for developing code on the Vulcan platform. The IDE will work with the standard C programming language, and have a library of commands specific to the Vulcan system. All of this will be well documented.

Finally, the Vulcan system will feature the following hardware:
-> Two different hot-swappable input devices
-> Gamepad
-> Keyboard/mouse
-> Color LCD
-> Audio outputs and built in speaker
-> Rechargeable Battery
-> Wi-Fi
-> 2 SD-Card Slots
-> USB Connector


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    Matthew Dumas
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    Matthew Dumas
    Jarrid Bride
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    My designs are inspired by sci-fi stories. Typically, they are cool devices that I would like to have.
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    Google sketchup
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