Weight Watcher's Belt and Shoes

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Watching the waist line size and body weight is the main responsibility of every weight watcher. "Measure your tummy" belt and "Measure your weight" shoes allows you keep a watch on them easily without any additional effort.

"Measure your tummy" belt is any regular belt to outside world. But inside that belt has an inbuilt measuring tape. This tape is not visible to any one except to you while you are wearing it. Even unconsciously also you will note the changes in waist line.

"Measure your weight" shoes have a flap covering that digital weighing machine. Weighing machine is connected by wires that goes right under your foot. Insole has the simple electronic meter that measures your weight. Just slide that cover down and stand erect, digital meter displays the weight. You do not need any other special weighing scales around you to watch your weight before lunch or after or even at your work. This weighing scale is not visible to anyone except to you.


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