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The name of my invention is the Carrier Pro, and pertains to the games of Golf, Tennis, and Baseball.

Presently, when far away from their caddies, golfers carry their golf balls in their pockets; tennis players carry the tennis balls on their sleeves or pockets, and in baseball, the umpire, who throws the balls to the pitcher, carries the baseballs in a sack on the side of his pants. In these games, it is imperative to have access to the balls as quickly as possible in order to continue the game and the excitement thereof without interruptions such as having to look for the balls when they go over a fence, into a pond, or out of the court.

The Carrier Pro is a ball carrying receptacle attached to the back of a belt worn around the waist of the golfer, tennis player or baseball umpire, for easy access to the balls when needed. The Carrier Pro, which would be adjusted to the particular sport, can house a total of 8-10 golf balls, 4-6 tennis balls, and 4-5 baseballs.

The receptacle is composed of a transparent colored semi rigid tube for more stability when playing the respective sport, allowing the player to spend his time playing instead of looking for the balls.

The belt to which the receptacle or cylinder is attached, is composed of either a washable durable nylon or leather material and is 2 inches wide. It is similar in construction to that of a back support belt, having a pad attached to it, but also having an added ball holder receptacle or cylinder which is attached to the pad that is attached to the belt, is in a decline position for the balls to roll down easily. The pad to which the cylindrical semi flexible ball holder tube is attached, is made of semi rigid foam.

The Carrier Pro comes in all sizes, from children to adults, and is adjustable to the proportions of the players, has an attractive and professional sporty appearance, and not only serves to house the balls, but also supports and protects the lumbar and abdominal regions of the body during strenuous activities.


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    My name is Hugo Palacios. I am an inventor. I design, development and license innovative products, that improve the quality of living, to companies who sell directly to consumers.

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    In addition, though not yet submitted for patent, I am currently working on a DMV related product, and another product idea for containing or stopping the spread wildfires.
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