K-9 Kabin

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Keeping and caring for a dog outdoors has many challenges ranging from providing and protecting the food and water to keeping our pets warm and dry. My approach to solving this myriad of problems is first to mount the house up off the ground at a reasonable and safe distance on a 2" steel water pipe. The food and water containers are built-in just inside the door left and right to avoid spillage and theft from unwanted creatures. The 2" pipe nipple allows for water and electricity to enter the high-rise structure from underground and for a ring and chain to spin freely around it without tangling or catching on anything. The two attached C.A.D. drawings clearly explain the many benefits of this design.

The base would be steel using standard metal fabrication proceedures. The 2" pipe nipple can be purchased at any length. The two roof parts can be Reaction Injection Molded. The walls can be separate from the floor and can be RI molded also and should include the food and water bowls. The floor needs to be 3/4" plywood for cost and strength purposes. A 2" pipe coupler can be welded to an 8" steel flange to be screwed to the bottom of the plywood. The K9 Kabin can be shipped in one box, assembly requires screwing the 2" nipple into place top and bottom, running your power source and water, and dropping the tops into place.


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    Donald Stone
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    waaayy tooo many.
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    simplicity-self reliance-combining old and new concepts-correcting most all other designs.
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