Boat Sail

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Boat canvas for boats/crafts and other vehicles which exploits the force of the wind, fabricated with materials specific of the field, with exceptional aero-dynamic profile, highly performing, with a large range for each specific situation, completely controlled by computer (without maneuvering – exterior cords).

The control dispositive start action instantaneously in order to establish for each section, aero-dynamic characteristics and optimal curves, as well as the angle of the wing according to the direction of way in the air.

This sail is mounted on the same type of mast as the classical sails, but for the performance ones ia mast with free articulations at the base is recommended.

Due to the innovative concept and the revolutionary profile – see drawing 1 – it is not necessary a greater surface of material of superior quality (highly resistant), on the contrary, the mechanical resistance required is, with at least a few percent lower, and the propulsive force raises significantly through the utilization of the bearing strength. The locomotion speed of the sail of this type is at least 15% greater compared to the speed of the wind which an propels, as well as a aero-dynamic resistance much diminished due to the specific aero-dynamic profile and of the utilized materials in the construction of the board of appeals as well as that of the run.

The sail container, totally foldable – see drawing 2 – in two stages, progressively pliable type wing made of textile, utilizing a foldable mast or telescopic (the solution exists in cranes and other constructions machinery) destined to use of wind power by the large ships (oil cargo ships for long distance, wood or mineral transporting ships, etc.), with permanent or temporary installation – with closing on a certain term; with direct assembling and dis-assembling, simple and efficacious, without modifying the structure of the vehicle. As construction is even simpler and more functional than the ones for the light boats due to the light weight and the weights more defined.

Much superior to the other solutions which exist already, due to the progressive folding and net advantageous functionality through mechanical resistance as well as exceptional maneuverability due to the computerized control of the profile (the amplitude of the curbs as well as the inter-changeability of the faces).

The productions costs are similar with the present sails or even cheaper, due to the clearly defined weights and controlled electronically in their distribution, as well as their life resistance which is higher in this type of sail.


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