Picture to Text Conversion (Eliminate Typing)

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I am an undergraduate student. I often work with computers but the thing is I hate to type the materials or assignment, class notes, permission letter etc. and the book author will write the book and then they prepare a digitized book by approaching any publication. You know guys the are people who are earning because of typing such kinds of books.

My idea is to eliminate typing of the things what we have in a piece of paper and feed them into a computer using word processing tools instead we have the material in a piece of paper so by using the same why not we prepare the digitized copy ( soft copy) of the material. By scanning the paper we have the picture of the material but we cannot edit the content, but by developing a new tool for converting this image into text document we can edit the content. This is my idea..

By image processing we can scan the picture row wise a specific number of times and try to grab the content in the image file. Yes this is possible we are using image processing to grab the vehicle identification number the same but a little modification we can able to get the contents of the picture file..

Hope this works I am working on it because nothing is impossible in this world.


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