Foot Operated Valve

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The whole world is facing a water crisis. Every drop of water is precious and to be saved. We waste a lot of water in our daily life. Most of the water is wasted while washing the face, brushing teeth, shaving and cleaning utensils in a kitchen. Water flows uselessly while rubbing the face. While brushing teeth or shaving one does not bother to closed the tap because he has to open and close the tap a lot of times to complete his job. So, the easiest way is to keep the tap open and use water whenever needed. The same condition is in a kitchen. No one make efforts to close the tap while scrubbing the utensils. This wastage can be controlled easily by educating people and using some handy devices. Such a device is presented here.

This is a spring loaded valve controlled using a pedal and a flexible control cable. This can easily replace existing valves used in the water line of wash basins and kitchen sinks. Provided pedal is placed in such a way that the foot of the user rests on it. On pressing the pedal with foot, valve opens and water starts flowing through the tap. And on releasing the pedal water flow stops. Therefore, water flow can be controlled easily and one will not feel hassled in closing the water supply in between the times when water is not required while washing one's face, brushing teeth, shaving, or cleaning utensils.


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