Smart Motorcycle Jacket

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With a machine I invented to high-speed implant plastic fiber optic cables into fabric, I created a flexible, machine-washable, lighted display in black fabric to be sewn into a motorcycle jacket defining arrows and a flame-frame (designed to surround an embroidered brand name) that normally appears as a moving animated burning flame. A small connector is plugged in-line with the electrical harness that contains a small FM transmitter to communicate with the jacket (inside the remote control box shown in the picture). The flame dances until the cycle is turned on sending a signal to the jacket to turn the flame OFF. When the brakes are applied, the FLAME FRAME lights. When a turn signal is activated, the proper arrow on the upper shoulder lights. When hazard lights are activated on the bike, the entire display (FLAME and ARROWS) flashes on and off even if the rider is up to 30 feet away from the cycle until switched off. When the bike is turned off, the RF signal discontinues and the jacket begins the flaming animation continuously. The design consists of almost 2000 fiber optic fibers, weighs only 6 ounces plus weight of the jacket and is powered by a small "AAA" power pack.


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    Lee Wainwright
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    Creating light-emitting technologies
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    Positive energy and the love of my life.
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