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The EZ Vac Sander is the next generation of drywall sander. This sander features advanced 3-D design to be completely dust free and have a base that IS abrasive so you never need to buy sanding meshes. The base has an extreme life Silicon Carbide Pelletized Industrial SuperAbrasive in 400 grit to eliminate meshes completely. The tool is designed to deliver an even and unrestricted flow to the entire sanding surface with the fewest parts possible. This sander is designed to be formed by plastic injection to produce a tool that is low in cost (about $25 retail) and has no cost-of-use so it will pay for itself with savings. The competition is still struggling with dust-less. Only one costs less ($19.99) but it needs meshes (about $2/mesh), and way up in price.

This sander is completely dust free, so you can work up close and see what you are sanding. The Industrial SuperAbrasive will never wear out due to normal use, and provides coarse and fine sanding with the same abrasive by adjusting the pressure used to sand. For fine sanding the vacuum provides the contact pressure so all you have to do is move it (“it’s like dusting with a paintbrush”). The EZ Vac Sander will sand painted wall surfaces smooth for patching, which is something meshes could never do, for the smoothest patches and work. The old paint bumps are gone. In duration testing we have sanded concrete and steel, and have tried to grind it down with ceramic belts (which it destroyed) to try to establish the abrasive life. The first base is still performing perfectly over a year later, even after we tried to wear it out.

Currently there are about 120 million homes in the U.S. (not including apartments, condos, rentals, and commercial properties), and about 80% (96 million) of homeowners state that they will perform their own work if possible. This sander provides DIYers (that’s us!) with a highly effective and low cost means to accomplish patches, repairs, and renovations to their homes themselves, faster, easier, and inexpensively. The DIY market is far larger than the commercial market employing about 3 million workers. For these workers, less time on the job means higher profits.

In 2009, OSHA determined that drywall dust is one of the causes of white lung disease and announced their effort to eliminate it from the workplace to improve working conditions without exposure. For this reason, the EZ Vac Sander is also a green product because it removes the dust from the work area to eliminate health issues due to drywall dust exposure.

If you’ve ever done drywall or patching before and know what a mess it was, you may even have fun. This is a completely different experience. If you’ve never done wall repairs before, this sander makes it easy! Coming soon… Pole Sanders!


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