Mouse Controller for Home Medical Measurements

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The MDMouse(TM) product is a new innovation in home-based medical measurement technology. It combines an otherwise conventional computer optical mouse controller with one or more internal medical parameter measurement devices such as a blood pressure cuff or blood glucometer etc. which are stored in the mouse. It has an access door which is easily opened any time a user wishes to take a measurement. The opened door permits access to an interior BP cuff or other such device which can be extended to permit the user to then take his BP or other such medical measurement. Data from the measurement is then automatically stored in the computer to which the mouse is connected and may be eventually transmitted over the Internet to a healthcare provider or medical record service after being encrypted for privacy. In this way a physician or HMO for example can have patients keep track of their BP or glucose level several times per day from their computer without having to search for meters that may otherwise be hidden somewhere in a drawer or cabinet. Because the device is connected by the same USB port connection as the mouse, any processing of raw data is done by the computer's CPU which is normally much faster and more capable than cheap processors found in portable BP measurements devices or in other such over-the-counter medical products.


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