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Zinkbag is a portable printing solution based on the revolutionary Zink technology. In the digital age, where boundaries merge and convergence is the key, there's always an increasing requirement for technology on-demand, for making lives better by doing things better.

Zinkbag is primarily designed for people who travel a lot and have a constant need for printing, especially in color. The product takes the form of a sleek and trendy bag which enhances the portability of the product. The product gives out A4 color prints and accepts data through wired and wireless connections.

Product Context:

Hey, I am Krishna. I am part of a craft programme, running in 60 villages. We travel every week, to different villages, interacts with artisans with different skills at a personal level. We guide them, make the best out of their talent, sell the crafts through a proper channel, and provide them with good living standards. We exchange information and talent every other second, and paper used to be our best friend to share information as its purely tangible and visual language really works. But, most of the data/artwork we share are compiled at the field, and printing them is a big problem due to scarcity of power, resources. Most of the solutions available are quite bulky and are hardly portable.

Zinkbag has changed the way I work. It's been a great help to increase my productivity as printing was never so easy. It even gives me prints when there is no power. To add to it, it's fun to use, the technology is amazing and the product always makes a statement - be it in the rural or urban context. It's highly functional yet very stylish.

Potential Customers:

People in the creative profession - designers, artists, ad agency creatives, marketing and sales executives and anyone who would love to have on-demand portable printing solution at any given time.


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