Virtual World National Parks

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Concept: With the world population at 6.9 billion it is physically and financially impossible for everyone to visit the great wonders of the world. Many of these wonders are being preserved in National Parks in countries around the world. Some of these countries lack the resources to properly protect and maintain their National Parks.

By establishing a World Wide National Virtual Parks network of thousands of HD video WEB cameras feeds monitoring the great wonders of the world, access to these wonders could be available in real time to the billions of people in the world. Individual cameras maybe able to be reserved to be controlled by the individual users and others would be controlled by Park operators. A nominal fee would be charged to User to support the World Wide Network and the National Parks. Cameras could also provide access to areas that are normally off limits to visitors. Sound feeds could also be included. Viewers could produce YouTube videos and create video screen savers of their visits for their computers. Most people can only visit a handful of these treasures in a lifetime. A Virtual World National Parks WEB Cam network would allow billions to visit thousands of the World Treasures.

This would require establishment of a central studio, which would monitor and maintain the thousands of video feeds. It could also be the central repository for video files created by users and the National Parks. This would create hi-tech jobs and an income stream for National Parks around the world.


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