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“BellaBreeze” ™ is a revolutionary, patented outdoor café setting featuring a fully integrated “Green” evaporative cooling delivery system that consists of an integrated evaporative cooling fan that is built into the table setting. Virtually no innovation has occurred to the outdoor dining environment until now!

BellaBreeze's fan circulates cooled air above and below your table providing controllable cooling comfort at each chair. This patented system delivers evaporative cooled air that lowers the air ambient temperature by as much as 5-20 degrees depending on humidity levels and it costs only about 25 cents a day to operate. The integrated, quiet fan, delivers 700cfm of air volume equating to 15mile/hr breeze at each of the eight fully controllable louvered vents. The ability to deliver heat is also patented and it will be available in 2012. Also, with its optional order automation and entertainment portal BellaBreeze is poised to be a leader in outdoor innovation!


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