Multifuctional Portable Beds

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The novel idea is in the Basic Unit, composed of two covers, which constitute the bed, that can be used independently of the mattress. These male and female parts have measures and holes in the appropriate configuration, to assemble themselves in different forms depending on the necessity to constitute itself into a bed, one bed, bunk beds, or several bunk beds. Pieces can be used as a library, base for two mattresses, storage, clothing storage, by making multiple unions through multi-assembling special attachments that, lock themselves between them.

Those elements are joints, bolts, ladders, extensions, supports, stairs, tables, hooks, guard rails, railings, wheels as well as other accessories. In situations such as disaster relief or emergencies, you can multiply the limited floor space by three times or more.
Easily assemble and disassemble interlocking pieces without tools.

This idea solves the problems that arise in situations where you need to accommodate many people with limited floor space. We will use the multifunctional portable beds in case of environmental disasters like earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, wars, also the governments, hospitals humanitarian organizations like the American Red Cross and Armed Forces. Scouts camping, fishing camps, furniture stores, church camps, mobile homes Airplane, boats, trucks, trains, shelters, in the water as bridge or floaters for rescue when is implemented with air mattress, water games entertainment engineering and veterinary purposes. Educational Institutions, institutional housing, hotels, jails.

Resistance to hostile environment, stores safely, less appealing to roaches and bugs.
Benefits include a variety of multiple, functional assembly solutions to choose from, in relation to human needs.

The Multifunctional Portable Beds is design to support weather, and abuse. With modern designs, is to be used with a variety of colors, using the scale from lowest to higher.
A reasonable price factor, excellent quality of the product will be of great advantage to the
manufacturers’ future earnings.

 Also can use a tight canvas sheet that can be added to the unit to save the use of a regular mattress.

This product by its design does not limit itself to plastics or composites, wood, carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum composites can be used. Scale from low to high can be used. Metals, metallic alloys, wood, cardboard, story foam for disposable beds, and other appropriate materials for structural use. Size, durability, strength, is not only important; the finish must be with non toxic materials. It is very important to build this basic unit to exceed safety conditions.

The cost is the lowest, since its method of manufacture is by injection and in plastic material. This reduces the number of workers, which in turn, diminishes the time of production and increases volume production. Also, production cost can be kept low, due to the fact that specialized machinery is expensive, which can require skilled labor is not utilized. The time of production can be reduced by more than 95%, in comparison with the manufacturing of conventional beds.

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