Efficient Utensil Cleaner

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Many homes without dishwashers exist, and an issue becomes the amount of time to clean each individual utensil without a dishwasher. A small device which can be put in your kitchen sink for homes without dishwashers can be designed which can connect to your kitchen spiggot and use a tub to clean all of the utensils at once.

The basic design would be a basin which would house any utensils. The utensils would be loaded into the basin and a lid would then be mounted to the basin. The basin contains brushes and a geartrain connected the the lid. The lid contains a crank and hose to connect to the spiggot. Water flow and soap from the lid are applied, and the user turns the lid crank. As the crank is turned, brushes continually clean all of the untensils with rotating brushes and the soap and water flowing through the unit.

The entire operation would take 1-2 minutes compared to 10+ minutes to clean individual utensils.


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    Adam Livingston
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