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The ED-Tag combines cutting edge technology with the spirit of adventure.

The tag can be worn as a necklace by every child to be in reach whenever it´s needed. The semi-translucent OLED Display with die dual camera system on the back of the device allows playfull and easy access to information. The only thing the child hast to do is go out and learn by adventuring.

Information of the cameras are processed via cloud-computing and displayed on the OLED display. With access to encyclopedia like Wikipedia, the Wi-Fi device gathers relevant information that is easy to understand for the child and shows it on the display.

Historical buildings and places tell their storys themselves and bugs are no longer save with the device telling the child what kind of insect it is and where it lives, what it eats and what it´s habbits are.

Pointed at the Sky the stars and other astronomical events can be accessed. The moon can be inspected with a datafeed from google earth/sky.

Digital treasure hunting with friends, sharing images and information about animals learned, teaches the child social skills while the device itself educates the child in science, history, and nature in a way that we all were dreaming of.

With the introduction to the Ed-tag the child has early access to technology and data. every kid can be a scientist in it´s own field.

The sturdy rubber casing protects the tag from damaged. Battery is charged via induction on a docking station which also transfers the data on the childs computer over night, filling it´s digital treasure chest with pictures shot over the day, routes explored, animals and insects met. so the child can come back and browse through the adventures and information for further research at home or planning the next adventure with friends.

With such easy and fun access to the wonders of the world the child can educate itself in the field it finds the most appealing maximising the learneffect through technology.


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